How To View My DVR With My Cell Phone or IPhone

You must have had this question in your mind time and again. How to view my DVR equipment with my cell phone or IPhone? As the time has passed the technology has changed and evolved. Well, up till now the answer was a big No! The high quality DVR cannot be gazed at on the cell phones or IPhone, only if the Mobile is Window based.

DVRs can now be watched on the mobile! It’s known as Mobile Video Viewer. This software is known as Mobile Dvr. This soft ware enables to watch any DVR only the phone should have the web. The phone will use the web and enable the user to browse and watch images. This dvr equipped function helps the (PTZ) Pan-tilt-zoom too.

This dvr Mobile software is free of cost but it only enables you to reach your DVR equipment once. User should always check before buying and installing this soft ware. License to the soft ware is a must for the users, as it enables you to have a proper use of the software and get quality image on your Phone or IPhone. This soft ware is in real sense a video server. This software once installed in your phone or IPhone lets you see anything-any time you want to see.

The Mobile Dvr software lets the user get connected to various DVRs simultaneously. Group cameras can be set up by this soft ware. Thus now the answer is a big yes! The high quality Mobile dvr software now makes it clear and enormous to the customers those who are really interested in these kind of high gadgets and gizmos. It makes it easier for those who want to keep an eye on their surrounding or loved ones when they are not around. Well, this is a chance for you!

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