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Blackvue Car DVRs

WorldEyeCam offers a series of dash surveillance cameras that can be mounted to a vehicle's dashboard and record both audio and video. These security cameras can be used to deter auto theft, provide visual evidence in case of a crash and can be especially useful for cabs and Uber drivers. Each one records high resolution 1080p footage which makes identifying faces and license plates much easier. They are easy to install and operate on a WiFi network.


Full HD 1CH BlackVue WiFi Car Dash Camera
Product #: 85491

The DR650GW-HD is a dash camera that records full HD 1080p resolution footage at 30 frames per second. It can be easily mounted to your dashboard and rotated 360 degrees to capture the area you want to monitor.


Full HD 2CH BlackVue WiFi Car Dash Camera
Product #: 85502

This dash camera can record two channels of high definition footage so motorists can capture both front and rear windows. It records 30 frames per second with a 720p or 1080p resolution on both channels.


Full HD 2CH BlackVue WiFi Front LCD Display...
Product #: 85503

This surveillance camera comes with an LCD screen so users can view front and rear footage live on their dashboard. This feature can help motorists in parking, backing up and other traffic scenarios.