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Access Control Software

Access control software allows users to monitor the comings and goings of their property. It monitors door status and card reads and sends email notifications of events. This software is an easy but comprehensive approach to access control for your building.


WHEELOCK SFP-W SFP Semi-Flush Plate White
Product #: 44114

Cooper Wheelock is a Long Branch, New Jersey, company founded in 1922 specializing in fire alarm and general signaling products. The company is known as an industry leader in fire and industrial signals. Cooper Wheelock products are often used by other companies (such as Honeywell) to complement their products. n March, 2008, Wheelock, Inc was acquired by Cooper Menvier of the United Kingdom, a division of Cooper Industries. Cooper Industries in turn was acquired by Eaton Corporation in 2012. Some of the earliest signals produced by Wheelock were the A-1 series of AC-powered, dual-projector electromechanical horns. In the early 1970s, Wheelock introduced the 31 (AC-powered) and 34 (DC-powered) series of electromechanical horns. Around 1976, Wheelock created the 7001 (2-wire, flush-mount DC), 7002 (2-wire, surface-mount DC), 34+WS (4-wire, surface-mount DC), and 7004 (2-wire, surface-mount AC) electromechanical horn/strobes. These were the first fire alarm signals to use xenon strobes instead of incandescent lights. The horn and strobe on the 7001 and 7002 models are wired in series, causing the horn to stutter when the strobe flashes. In 1985, Wheelock redesigned the horn's grilles, making them vandal resistant .
$9.07 $15.54

55-AS004-000 Geovision Software License 4...
Product #: 25513

This software from GeoVision allows for four AS200 connections. It is a high performance access control system with real-time door status monitoring and event notifications.

$400.50 $534.00

1091ADLI-WDUD SDC Spacesaver Bolt Locks,...
Product #: 81322

1091ADLI-WDUD SDC Spacesaver Bolt Locks, Failsafe Deadlocking 12/24VDC, Satin Stainless Steel, Mechanical Door Position Switch - The Spacesaver®, first designed and patented by SDC, is a fundamental innovation in electric locking technology for access control applications. The stainless steel bolt projects at right angles to the lock mechanism, allowing installation of Spacesaver® locks, by means of a simple cutout, in virtually any standard 1.75" frame, or in most door lock stiles. With the entire lock concealed, esthetic acceptability is complete, security is greater and installation in old or new construction is fast, easy and economical. It has a wooden frame Face Plate of 8"L x 1-1/2"W x 1/8"D (203.2 x 38.1 x 3.175mm), Strike of 4"L x 1-1/2"W x 1/4"D (101.6 x 38.1 x 3.175mm) and a Frame with Inner Dimension Requirements of 8"L x 1-1/2"W x 1-1/2"D (203.2 x 38.1 x 38.1mm). The Bolt material is solid stainless steel with a bolt diameter of 5/8" (15.875mm).The bolt throw is1091A/1091ADLI: 3/4" (19.05mm).
$468.98 $803.97

55-AS010-000 Geovision Software License 10...
Product #: 25514

This access control software manages 10 doors and up to 10,000 access groups. Its monitors door status in real-time and provides event notifications via email or SMS.

$550.00 $1,068.00

55-AS030-000 Geovision Software License 30...
Product #: 25516

This system is comprehensive enough to manage 30 AS200 connections. It has flexible and scalable architechture with up to 256 time zones and schedules. 

$1,440.00 $1,920.00

55-AS050-000 Geovision Software License 50...
Product #: 25517

Manage the access control system of a large scale operation with this comprehensive software. It will monitor up to 50 doors and provide real-time notification of events via email or SMS.

$2,400.00 $3,200.00

55-AS255-000 Geovision Software License 255...
Product #: 25520

This access control software is ideal for a large building. It can handle 255 AS200 connections and multiple cards per user. The software monitors door status in real-time and sends email and text notifications of events.