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32Ch IMaxCamPro Platinum DVR System
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32Ch IMaxCamPro Platinum DVR System

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The platinum edition DVR is at the top of the line in surveillance technology. It monitors up to 32 channels simultaneously with real time play back and synced audio and video. The DVR will send email notifications of any issues and footage can also be monitored remotely via PC or mobile device. Footage is recorded and played back in full D1 high resolution. There are no storage limitations with this device.


iMaxCamPro has been an industry leader for over a decade expanding its technology along the way. This High End DVR brings the quality and integrity professional installers and end users alike have come to appreciate. Recently being added to the direct consumer market has allowed iMaxCamPro to stream line your user experience by listening to end users input, adding to the ease of use and installation of this durable DVR. Fully functional client software gives you the capacity to monitor your home or business from any application you choose, be it your smart phone, laptop or MAC or Windows PC. Our Client software also allows for REMOTE RECORDING. In the event that your DVR is stolen or vandalized, you will have live video recording remotely to a remote PC or another PC on-location to monitor and record. Multiple High Definition monitor outputs allow for VGA, HDMI and composite monitors to be used simultaneously. Real time video recording speed combined with MOTION DETECTION with full real time recording audio option gives you the comfort of knowing what is being said and done at your business. A feature unique to this particular DVR is the E-Map feature which allows you to download a map or building schematic to pinpoint exact locations of your cameras. This feature also gives you the control to determine if you need to alter your camera placement without actually having to move the cameras themselves saving you time and money.


  • True 1080P HD Video Output
  • Auto Overwrite / Loop Recording
  • Substream Internet Video (fast, fluid, user controlled bandwidth flexibility)
  • Installers Insist on Substream, only a handful of leading manufacturers
  • deliver this significant technology, G4 excels in substream performance.
  • Simulataneous video output capability:
  • HDMI, VGA, BNC, and Loop Through Allows complete monitoring flexibility
  • ALL channel simultaneous playback (RARE on H.264 Advanced DVR Systems)
  • Synced Audio
  • Two Way Audio
  • EMail/Cellphone video support
  • Advanced Storage Technology including E-Sata and Raid
  • No HDD Storage Limitation
  • True Full Hardware DSP ENcoding
  • Central Management Software and Internet Explorer Compatibility
  • Monitor/Record Images anywhere an internet connection is available
  • Monitor mutiple DVR systems using the intuitive CMS included application
  • Absolutely STUNNING video quality
  • Gone are the days of mosaic, pixelation, and wavelet distortion
  • Upconverts quality of existing lower resolution cameras
  • MAC Surveillance Software available - FREE DOWNLOAD
  • 2 Year DVR Warranty


The Internet Explorer built-in web server provides real-time video and audio monitoring over any PC with an Internet connection. In addition, the web server allows recording to the remote PC, remote playback, remote configuration of the DVR, remote feature upgrades, remote backup, PTZ control, two-voice communication (VOIP), remotely view logs, and much more.

The client software, included for FREE, provides for even more features than the Internet Explorer viewer. The client software can be used to manage, view, playback, configure, and PC-record up to 50 DVRs from one application. You are also able to view up to 36 simultaneous live streams from any of the configured DVRs. Another great feature of this software is the ability to remotely record up to 50 cameras remotely onto a single PC. That is, each DVR configured in the software will not only record to the DVRs hard drives, but will also send the streaming recorded video to your PC via the network or Internet connection. This is great for providing redundant, off-site recording, preventing any loss of data in the case of the DVR being damaged or stolen during an event. We mentioned earlier our built-in H.264 audio/video server was powerful.We'd like you to understand we meant that. After you set up a remote PC to give you off site redundant recording, take a look at your remote PC's CPU performance. Our embedded DVR server does all the CPU chores. You will not experience remote PC lockups, slower program executions, and the video quality is outstanding.

The E-Map feature of the client software turns your PC into a central monitoring station for all configured DVRs. The client software can be set to receive alarm information from all cameras or DVRs, sending the alarm triggered video to the software for immediate viewing and review. The Map feature allows you to upload a floor plan, layout, or any image needed to create your CCTV layout, with multiple drill-down maps and placement of cameras. When a camera on the maps has a triggered motion, event, or other alarm the on-map camera indicator will flash and video will be displayed below the map for immediate review. Infinite possibilities with this feature. Own 20 Subway restaurant franchises? Simply upload a city map and assign your triggers to each store location. Have businesses located all over the USA? Upload a map of the USA and assign triggers to geographical locations. Own a mansion? Scan your home plans, upload them, and assign a trigger for each camera in each room.


Hardware & Performance

  • H.264 Hardware Compression
  • Pentaplex - Live/Playback/Record/Backup/Remote Access
  • Embedded Linux RTOS for reliability
  • High Performance Embedded Microprocessor and Texas Instruments DSPs for performance
  • Real-Time Record at D1
  • Sync'd Audio on all channels
  • VOIP
  • 2 USB 2.0 Ports - 1 for mouse, 1 for USB HDD, CDRW, DVDRW, flash drive backup
  • Internal DVD-RW writer
  • 8 SATA Drive Bays
  • VGA Monitor Output
  • Spot Monitor Output (not available on 4ch model)
  • 10/100 Network Interface

Ease of Use

  • Jog/Shuttle Control - For fast forward/rewind and frame-by-frame playback
  • Graphical User Interface with on-screen menu tips
  • Front Panel, USB Mouse, PC Keyboard, and IR Remote Control
  • USB Mouse - Simple point and click setup and use
  • Simple Setup - Configure all channels with one setting
  • System Defaults - Power it on and it starts recording 24/7, motion detect areas default to entire screen.
  • Hard Drives are plug 'n play and do not require formatting, saving time and configuration
  • RS-485 and Alarm connections are screw terminals for quick setup


  • Independent Channel Configuration
  • 2 Channel Independent Simultaneous Playback
  • Simultaneous Recording Methods
  • Advanced User Management
  • Variable Bit Rate or Constant Bit Rate settings per channel
  • Ease Backup Methods - USB devices, CD-RW/DVD-RW, network backup


  • RAID 1 - You can set specific hard drives as redundant. System will record to the primary hard drives and the redundant drives simultaneously for data integrity. Protects recordings from hard drive failures
  • Hard Drive Hibernation Technology - Drives will power down when not in use, conserving energy and increasing the life span of the drives
  • HDD Status and Problem Alerts via email
  • Power Failure Auto-Recovery - If there is a power loss, system will automatically boot and start recording once power resumes.
  • Scheduled Auto-Restart and Auto-File Deletion
  • Digital Zoom
  • Privacy Masking - both on record and/or live
  • Motion Detection
  • View Tampering Alerts
  • Video Loss Alerts
  • Configurable Live Channel Sequencing
  • Multi-Protocol PTZ support via RS-485
  • Fluent PTZ control
  • PTZ pattern, tour, and preset setup
  • 3-D Intelligent PTZ Control - control PTZ by simply dragging your mouse to the location you want to see and zoom using the scroller
  • PTZ Triggering on motion detection or alarms
  • System Info - Hard drive status and recording times on each drive, bitrates per channel currently in process, online users, etc.


  • Dual-Stream network configuration - Separates network quality and FPS settings from DVR recording settings. Allows you to use high resolution recording to the hard drive and lower resolution and frame rates for fluent network transmission.
  • VOIP - two way voice chat between PC and DVR
  • Complete remote access including live view, playback, configuration, upgrade, reboot, system status, and backup via Internet Explorer
  • Central Monitoring Software with up to 36 camera display
  • 4 Channel Simultaneous Playback
  • Email alerts for all system alerts, motion detection, alarm triggering, etc.
  • Low bandwidth remote viewing supported
  • PPPoE - for DSL direct connection
  • DDNS via or (free DDNS providers)
  • DHCP for automatic network configuration
  • FTP for off-site redundant recordings. Upon motion detection, alerts, or schedule unit can simultaneously record to an off-site location to an FTP server. Prevents data loss in the case of DVR theft, destruction, or hard drive failures by automatically sending recordings off site via the Internet.
  • 10 users simultaneous network viewing. Up to 10 users can simultaneously view all channels of the DVR via the network or remote locations.
  • IP Address Filtering and Connection Blocking
  • IP Connection Log
  • NTP - Network Time Protocol, allows the DVR to automatically sync with correct time/date H.264 Texas Instruments DSP Technology
  • H.264 Texas Instruments DSP Technology
  • 2 Year Extensive Warranty Including HDD
  • 30 Day Hassle Free Peace Of Mind No Restocking Fee Return Policy
  • Realtime D1 High Resolution Recording
  • All Channel Sync'd Audio Locally and Over Internet
  • Powerful/Feature Rich Client Software
  • 8 Internal Drive Bays
  • No Hard Drive Size Limitation
  • USB/DVD/CD/Network Backup
  • Easy USB Mouse Control
  • VOIP (2-way audio over IP)
  • Extensive Industry Leading PTZ Compatibility and Functionality
  • One Click Daily Back-Up Feature
  • Record Locally AND on ANY Remotely Connected PC
  • Playback Files With Windows Media Player Format
  • Powerful Network Feature Gives You The Power To Control Bandwidth
  • Access All Setup Functions Remotely
  • Simply, The Most Powerful DVR Ever Manufactured

Platinum iMaxCamPro Detailed Specification PDF
Platinum iMaxCamPro User Manual
Professional Surveillance System Client Software for PC
Professional Surveillance System Client Software for MAC
File Player Utility
PSS Users Manual
Accessing the DVR with Internet Explorer 8
HDD Storage Calculator
Quick Start Guide

PC DVR Software Download
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Surveillance Software
Apple MAC DVR Software Download
Click here to see our Apple MAC OS X Remote
Surveillance Software


Mobile Phone Viewing Instructions:

iPhone instructions
blackberry instructions
android instructions
windows mobile instructions
Windows Mobile
symbian instructions

  1. Before using the demo, you MUST enable all Active X options within Internet Explorer. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab
  2. Click the Internet icon and then click the Custom Level button near the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled "Active X Controls and Plugins"
  4. For every option within that section, set to Enable.
  5. Click OK to close the security settings window, and Click OK again to close the options window.
  6. Click here to view the demo.
  7. Log in using the username "demo" and password "demo".
  8. After entering, you will see a blue bar flashing at the top of your browser, asking you to install Active X. Click the bar and choose to Run the Active X Control.
  9. When you are logged in, click the "Open All" button on the left hand side of the screen to start viewing live video.

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Great system, lots of space to add Hard drive. In order of making my system keep serveral days. Great support and phone app love the feature this imaxcampro system offers for my store.
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